A small selection of our volunteer placements

Teaching Programs We require a wide range of teachers and assistants. Read more.
Development Projects Help with micro-finance schemes or USAID funded projects. Read more.
OrphanageThe children at a rural village orphanage need your help. Read more.

HealthcareHelp with HIV/AIDS education or a massive promotion project Read more.
Women's GroupsHelp women in healthcare, education or income-generation. Read more.
EnvironmentA Nature Conservation Project requires a variety of volunteers. Read more.

About Ikando

Volunteer in Africa with Ikando. Our objective is to help more people gain the life changing, life affirming experiences that volunteering can give. We are committed to enabling skill transfer, enabling organisations in the developing world to access different skill sets and to helping volunteers realize the value they can add using the skills they hold.

We hope our volunteers will become responsible global citizens asa result of their experience with Ikando, promoting the need for social change and raising awareness in their home communities on the issues they encountered. Africa has a lot to offer but also needs support, the support it rightfully deserves.

Please be aware that Ikando Placements are not glorified holidays but rather opportunities to live and work alongside the community. Please read the information contained on this website thoroughly and take your time to think about whether you will be happy in the environment in which you will be living and working. To Volunteer in Africa please read on.

Art & Culture Organisation

Art & Culture Organisation

Art & Culture Organisation

Art & Culture OrganisationArt & Culture Organisation




Our Internships in Africa

Art & Culture OrganisationIkando facilitates internships with high-profile organisations in Ghana, West-Africa.Our continued presence in Ghana has enabled us to team up with acclaimed organisations looking for international interns.From Legal Consultancy Firms to Architecture Bureaus, you name it we've got it!

International Internships enable students to further develop their skills and gain the invaluable experience that will set them apart from their peers. Employers far rather employ staff who have both experience and have demonstrated daring and initiative. Ikando can help you achieve this. We will provide you with any documentation required by your university for academic credit or work experience (European Stagiers).


Latest News

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NEW!!! The Ghana Red Cross Society is looking for volunteers to help with disaster relief preparation.

Micro-Finance Interns required for the African Business Network


"I chose Ikando because the organization came highly recommended from a reliable person who now works for the ministry of tourism in Ghana."

Elise Wray

"Ikando’s ethics and goals are exemplary. It shows that there are some organizations out there that are ethical and run by wonderful, caring, switched on people."

Ralph Stone

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Resource Centre

Check out our extensive resource centre where you will find documentation on working with children, fundraising, volunteering with Ikando and much more.