African Business Network (NGO)

African Business Network is a registered Enterprise Development Non-Governmental Organization that specializes in the provision of capacity building programmes for micro and small enterprise development institutions, especially those involved in assisting women and youth enterprise groups. It is a market oriented enterprise development organization that empowers small to medium scale enterprises through strategic partnerships, capacity building, creative products and advisory services.

The organisation has since its inception undertaken a number of initiatives aimed at promoting and developing micro-enterprise and entrepreneurship among business owners, women and youth groups. ABN has done so by assessing market opportunities and target markets in various areas, generating business plans and models, drafting and enforcing business policies and processes etc., to drive start-up organizations toward growth and expansion.

Volunteers with African Business Network will gain experience in fields such as business market research and planning, business development and project management while learning about business strategies and practices in the rapidly growing business markets of Africa.

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Available Positions

Micro-Finance Advisor & Development Practitioner

They are looking for a committed development practitioner to further develop micro-finance packages and services for their Development Partners.

Code: AA01

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Business Development Researcher

Researchers are needed to assess, monitor, and evaluate ongoing projects. The ideal candidate will have a background in business and/or development studies.

Code: AA02

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Women Enterprises Development Officer

They are looking for a development practitioner to help female networks & business associations to advocate for access to finance for women in Enterprise.

Code: AA03

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Youth-Enterprises and Development Officer

They are looking for a development practitioner to facilitate youth networks and business associations to advocate for access to finance for youth in small scale Enterprises.

Code: AA04

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Agribusiness Development Advisor

An Agribusiness Development Officer is needed to develop business strategies for SME’s in the horticultural sector with good agronomic practices.

Code: AA05

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Waste Management Specialist

A Waste Management Specialist needed to help develop strategies and identify grant funding opportunities to support waste management companies in Ghana.

Code: AA06

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To maintain the high performance and sustainability of projects all Volunteers and Interns are required to submit a handover document for future volunteers. Click here to see the relevant placement reviews for the African Business Network.


  • You must be at least 18 years of age upon application.
  • You must have a background of relevance to the individual position and have a strong interest in Development.
  • In order to maintain the sustainability and high performance of this project all volunteers are required to complete a detailed hand-over document for successive volunteers.
  • You will need to be flexible and tolerant, show initiative and enthusiasm to face the many hurdles and challenges that you will encounter.
  • The roles will be quite hectic with a minimum working day of 8hrs required. All interns will be required to act professionally and dress appropriately (jackets will need to be on stand-by).

Documentation Requirements:

  • A completed application form - required for application.
  • A personal or professional reference given by an employer, teacher, lawyer or doctor. This reference must include detail of the context in which the referee knows you and stating that he/she knows of no reason why you should not volunteer. The referee should also provide their contact details in order that Ikando can contact them prior to your departure to confirm the reference given.References should not be family members and be emailed by the referee to info [at]
  • A copy by email to info [at] of your travel (including medical) insurance certificates.
  • Information on your travel arrangements (flight number, airline, arrival and departure time and dates). We always recommend volunteers who book online to email us their booking.
  • A copy of the photo page of your passport to be emailed to info [at]

All Documentation must be sent to us at least two weeks before arrival.

Academic credit is available for this placement. Email us for more information.

Important Details

Project Duration Minimum Duration 8 weeks - Maximum Duration 52 weeks (can be extended in-country)
Dates You can volunteer at any time throughout the year.
Pricing £ 1083 for 8 weeks, £92 per week thereafter. For prices in your local currency click here.
Deposit £ 150 (included in total price)
Location Accra
Airport to fly into Accra Airport (ACC) - (also known as Kotoka International Airport)
In-country Budget From $50 on a tight budget to $150 p/week if you wish to explore Ghana. Read more...

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What is included in the project fees?

Welcome pack
In-country introduction to life in Ghana.
Airport pick-up & drop-off
24/7 Emergency support.

What is not included?
Flights & Visa
Vaccinations (please speak to your local GP)
Insurance (required)

Health and Safety
Ghana is one of the safest countries in Africa. In the Global Peace Index it is ranked above both the United Kingdom and the US. It is the perfect introduction for first time volunteers to Africa. It has a democratic electoral process and a stable economy. Our ten-strong team in Ghana is there to ensure your health and safety at all times and you'll have emergency support 24/7.

The volunteer will be housed in our accommodation in the centre of town, with it possible to walk from the accommodation to nearby shops, communication centres, bars and restaurants. The spacious accommodation with a fully furnished kitchen is well maintained and has live-in staff to ensure you are well looked after. The surrounding garden and balconies overlooking Accra are perfect for chill out sessions with fellow volunteer housemates.

Food is not included in our placements as in our experience volunteers prefer to cater for themselves. We have a fully furnished kitchen and our staff will show you where you can do your shopping. Western-style supermarkets and the bustling markets can be found nearby. A weekly vegetable & fruit shop can cost as little at $10, however shopping at the western-style supermarkets can be quite dear as most goods are imported.

"Quarshi (Ikando Staff) will introduce you to a woman named Felicia who sells mangos and bananas. Her mangos may very well be the sweetest in town. And, you will love shopping in the market." Elise Wray.

Airport Pick up
An Ikando member of staff will be at the airport arrivals to meet you and take you to the Accra accommodation. Please be aware that arrivals is located outside the airport, just keep an eye out for a sign with your name on it. Please ensure you send us your flight details two weeks before arrival.

Volunteers must arrange their own flights to Accra Airport (ACC). Please be aware that you should aim to arrive on the day your placement is due to start. If you are unable to do so please just check first with your volunteer coordinator whether the new dates also work for us. The following airlines fly into Accra:

Volunteer Visa

You must obtain a volunteer visa for travel to Ghana. Once you have secured your placement we will send you a letter confirming your placement for your visa application. Your visa must be obtained at least ten days prior to traveling.


How do I apply?

To apply for one of our positions please complete our online application form. Please take your time to fill out this application form thoroughly, as it is used by the organisation of your choice to assess your suitability for their programme.


    Our Ghana Team

Our Ten-strong staff team will be available 24/7 to help you throughout your placement.


Resource Centre

Check out our extensive resource centre where you will find documentation on working with children, fundraising, volunteering with Ikando and much more.

Our Accommodation
Ikando Accra Accommodation

In Accra our newly refurbished Agoo Hostel is located dot in the centre of town.

How safe is Ghana?

Ghana is generally a very peaceful and stable country. In the Global Peace Index it is ranked above both the United Kingdom and the US. It is the perfect introduction for first time volunteers to Africa.

Explore Ghana

Ghana boasts beautiful white sandy beaches, dense tropical rainforests and wild savannas. Volunteers usually spend their weekends together exploring the country

Airport pick-up
Quarshi Quarshi will most probably be the member of staff to meet you at the airport. Arrivals is located outside the building. Just keep an eye out for an Ikando sign with your name on it.

Ikando volunteer blogs

Want to know previous Ikando volunteer's experiences? Just check out their online blogs detailing their volunteer experience.

"I had such a wonderful experience with Ikando, please extend my  gratitude to the team again, I have nothing but wonderful memories!"

Jana Pinto - April 2009

"I have found the Ikando staff to be extremely nice and helpful at all times."

Deirdre Casey - August 2008

"The experiences of this summer and the people I met had a profound impact on me personally. I learned to have more confidence in myself and my work. I learned that my opinion could be interesting and also useful. The experience made me stronger; increased my focus, made me more ambitious and more determined that my skills and education could actually make a difference. "

Stephanie Wright - September 2008

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    History of Ghana

Ghana is a fascinating culture at a cross roads between the past and the present. It is historically rich and amazingly diverse. It boasts the legacy of the great Ashanti Empire of the 11th century along with the dubious distinction of being the most traveled route for the transport of Africans to the new world.